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Meet John and Lillee

Click to Enlarge John Allee, an occult magician, has spent the majority of his life dedicated to left hand path philosophy. In 1970, he joined the Church of Satan, then suddenly became inactive four years later. John meet Lillee in 1984, in the loft of a Christian Church that had been converted into a swanky nightclub serving music and drinks. He was the jazz singer, she was a radio producer doing a live remote. Strangely, it would be another twenty years before they decided to actually join forces.

John is the former editor of Brimstone Magazine and is perhaps best known as a video producer. His directorial debut in Boston: The Movie achieved critical acclaim and his film short, Buffy Dreams was featured at the Druid Underground Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, August 2008.

No stranger to the other side of the camera, John has appeared on MSNBC, Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, local television, newspapers and on radio. He works as a videographer, web designer and artist.

A clairsentient and clairaudient from childhood, Lillee Allee began reading the Tarot cards at 15 for a high school cultural fair. For more than 30 years, Lillee has offered her clients the missing pieces to the puzzles that plague their personal lives. Whether the situation involves love or career, Lillee will offer comprehensive answers to the questions that concern you, providing you with her unique insight and Celtic wisdom. Her clients say she possesses uncanny accuracy, especially for timelines. She expresses caring and concern, and is entirely genuine in her phone readings as well as her follow up.

With more than 20 years of experience working in the media, she is a published author and journalist, a professional "voice," and a producer of audio and video projects. Lillee holds a bachelors degree in psychology and a masters in communications. She has studied many traditions of witchcraft and druidry: she is an OBOD Ovate and a member of the Correllian clergy. Lillee is also a graduate of Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary.

John and Lillee founded the Allee Shadow Tradition in 2003. The couple resides in New York and Massachusetts and owns three dogs and a cat. They conduct workshops, seminars, and speak on religious tolerance throughout the United States.

About Us

Welcome to the Allee Shadow Tradition or ASTra. We are freethinkers, moving toward an increased awareness through spiritual stimulation and self-exploration. We are not a religion or a cult. This is an organization that seeks to explore spirituality and magic using hermetic philosophy and the Socratic teaching method. We strongly urge you to examine our Frequently Asked Questions. It will provide you with fascinating insights.

People who are looking for a book of rules to live by do not win our respect. Our brand of spirituality isn't based upon a book, presumably inspired by some higher authority. We are not looking for those who want to argue over their past conditioning or who wish to confine themselves based on their past experiences. We wish to help those individuals who are intelligent enough and courageous enough to not only create a set of rules for themselves, but then live by them. Only this will result in balanced individuals who can function in society.

ASTra members are often referred to as Shadow Dwellers. Each adheres to a basic set of principles outlined by Aleister Crowley, who once said;

”The essence of every missionary message has always been to assimilate the taught to the teacher, and it has always been accompanied by bribes and threats. My message is exactly opposed to any of this. I say to each man and woman, you are unique and sovereign, the center of a universe. However right I may be in thinking as I do, you may be equally right in thinking otherwise. You can only accomplish your object in life by complete disregard of the opinions of other people.“

ASTra Membership

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* laminated member card, good for special discounts
* autographed copy of our book, Right and Left of Center
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